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Welcome to Interact Society!

singles hiking group Denver

Interact Society is a social media website just for singles. Members can start or join local groups where you can connect with other singles that enjoy the same activities as you.  Inside these groups you can upload photos or start discussions into a live newsfeed.   

Its unique features allows you to have live conversations with people that have the same interests as you!  What's really fun is that you can start discussing fun things you would like to do and others can join in.  We believe meeting singles in this fashion is more organic and allows you to be yourself.  There is no pressure like there is on a one-on-one date.  We are just providing a relaxing and fun environment with the hope you meet someone you connect with.

Whether you are into the dating scene, want to make new single friends, or find other singles you share common interests with, you will find some great connections here.  It is free to join.