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Welcome to Interact Society!

Interact Society is a website full of singles who are looking to meet other people.  It was designed to make it easier to connect with others in the most efficient ways possible.   Users have the ability to browse profiles of other singles, search for people based on the types of activities they enjoy, message, create or attend fun events and group activities, and invite people to these events on the calendar.

If you are single, new to an area, or just want to make some new single friends this is where it all begins.  

The concept of Interact Society was born in 2013 and focused on the Seattle and Tacoma, WA areas.  There was so much positive feedback around group hikes, happy hours, bike rides, beach BBQ's, pub crawls, and wiffle ball games we began expanding out across the United States.  It has been an exciting experience creating an atmosphere that brings other singles together in a super-chill, relaxing, yet fun environment .  

At Interact Society you can start virtually any singles group in any city you want today by creating an event on the singles event calendar.  You can start a running, walking or biking group that meets everyday or a hiking group that meets once a month.  On the events calendar you can coordinate meeting other singles at a different winery on a wine trail, try a different pizza or sushi restaurant, grab some beers for happy hour, or plan a camping weekend nearby.

Since we are still in the infancy stages we hope you will stop in and check out what other singles are doing nearby.  If you love the concept of Interact Society and there isn't a lot of people in your area yet, please be patient.  We have provided some links to our social media streams so you can share them with you other single friends.  #interactsociety




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