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Welcome to Interact Society!

Interact Society is a singles website for people who are looking to meet other people.  It was designed to make it easier to connect with other singles in the most efficient ways possible. Users have the ability to browse profiles of other singles, search for people based on the types of activities they enjoy, message, create or attend fun events and group activities, and invite people to these events on the calendar.

What makes Interact Society unique is the user has the ability to create events on the calendar.  Let's say for example you don't have plans this Friday.  Well if you want to meet other local singles in your area you can create any event you want and have it posted to the events calendar!  You can create an event at a local restaurant, gather and watch your local sports teams, or see who is interested in an after-work hike, bike ride or jog around the park.

Chemistry plays such an integral part of the initial connection with someone.  It is not something you can find from reading someone's online dating profile, looking at a few of their photos, or exchanging some emails.  Chemistry is only found when you converse with someone face-to-face!  How many times have you said, "that person didn't look like their photos" or "I'm not really attracted to him/her"?  In reality that is going to happen more times than not.  During Interact Society's group events you get to meet several people, talk to the people you want to learn more about and make some new friends you share common interests with. The great part of it, you are NOT tied down with a one-on-date with someone you may never talk to again.  It's about time management and interacting with the most amount of people that will lead to finding someone you have chemistry with.    

Let's be honest, some of us may have been single for awhile, some may be recently separated, or recently divorced.  Unfortunately not all singles are going to be in the same stage of "ready to find love" as others.  At Interact Society we realize that and with group singles events there isn't the pressure of "dating".  We just want to provide an environment that is relaxing and fun, with the hope you meet someone you are attracted to and have chemistry with. 
We are still in the infancy stages of our website but we hope you will stop in and check out the other singles that are nearby. 2015 is going to bring many fun and interactive ways to begin connecting with other singles.  If you love the concept of Interact Society and there isn't a lot of people in your area yet, please be patient.  We have provided some links to our social media streams so you can share them with your other single friends.  #interactsociety




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