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Welcome to Interact Society!


Hey Everyone-

Thanks for checking out Interact Society.  I want to share my story for a moment so you all know how to best use the website.  3 years ago I set out to improve the way singles meet because I felt many of us are in different stages of being single.  I truly believe there is a huge difference between Interact Society and other dating websites.  I will touch more on that in a moment.  I moved to Seattle 9 years ago from Connecticut and my now ex-wife and I started a family.  A few years later I became a singledad in a new city with not a lot of people in my "singles" circle.  I had a very tough time meeting new singles.  I was now a "real" single person with "real" single problems.  I had trouble meeting other singles when I was available!!!!!!

So, I decided to start a free singles website where you have the ability to connect with other singles besides just browsing their profile and sending off a really awkward email.  Here on Interact Society you can upload photos or start discussions in the newsfeed and other singles can comment and Like them, just like Facebook.  This is a great organic way to make conversation, just like you would if you met someone at a bar or passing on the street.  My ultimate goal is to be one big Facebook just for singles.  Someone who posts current, fun, happy pictures will find many other people that are interested in meeting them because they can see into their everyday lives of who they really are and what they enjoy doing, they tell a much better story than a "dating profile" that someone wrote up over a year ago. 

There are so many ways to connect with other singles on this website.  Besides checking out the newsfeed for recent post, users can also browse profiles, send email, and create fun togethers such as BBQ's at the park, meet up at for Happy Hour, go to a ballgame, or even start running, hiking, and biking groups.  How cool is that?!?!  Yes you can even start groups so you can connect with other singles that enjoy the same activities as you!  

So what are you waiting for, come on in and check it out!  This is what meeting other singles should be!!!!  (See below)

singles hiking in Denver