Meet Your People

Interact Society is a new singles social networking website that connects you with other singles. We are not another online dating website that only allows you to swipe through pictures of singles or browse singles profiles, we are much more than that. Take a look at all the ways we help connect you with other local singles.

Check-In: Show all the other members the cool places you like to hang-out and the activities you are passionate about.

Singles Groups

Start or Join an Activity Group:  Whether you like to hike, ski, jog, camp, go to happy hour, or visit wineries you will find other singles that love to do the same activities.  Groups are the best ways to share pics and plan events within your circles.

NewsfeedNewsfeed:  Want to stand out among the crowd? Share your pictures or stories in the live newsfeed for others to see and comment on.  Each day we give you a social media hashtag theme so you can share more about who you are and the things you enjoy doing.

Singles Event

Create Events:  If something fun is happening around the city or you have an idea for a fun group event, share it with the others!

Come on in and start socializing, this is the new way to meet singles!